Are Housecleaning Products Dangerous?


Does housecleaning give you a headache? Or to phrase it differently…what does cleaning house and having a headache have in common?

Well…I’m sure that the first thought that comes to mind is that cleaning house is enough to give anyone a headache. Don’t we all just hate cleaning? Just the sheer thought of doing it will send some people over the edge.

But that is not what I ‘m talking about here. Imagine a productive full day of cleaning. Starting with the bathroom, we break out the Lysol and Tilex. That should do the trick. Oh forgot the ammonia just for added extra. Then move on to the kitchen…. Clorox wipes, Oven cleaner, Cascade powder. Then some floor cleaner. The place is getting cleaner already. Moving right a long, the carpets need to be cleaned and the windows washed. Windex and carpet cleaning liquid should do the trick. Oh that’s right, go back and polish the furniture and woodwork. Where’s that Pledge? Boy what a cleaning machine you are!

Ta da!!! Doesn’t your house look great? Now for your much deserved break. Oh Lord , you have a nasty headache coming on. And you are feeling so exhausted,. You’re just plain tuckered out.


No wonder you put off cleaning house. Every time you do you wear yourself to the bone and find yourself reaching for the Tylenol for that nagging headache. Did it ever occur to you that cleaning your house should be a relatively painless event? It’s not that hard of work for gosh sakes. Ok, I’ll admit that you’ve been moving all day but surely you shouldn’t feel like crawling in a hole somewhere for the next few days to recover. Or should you?

are-household-cleaning-products-dangerousHere’s a thought…it’s not the effort of cleaning that’s got you down, it’s the cleaning products that you are using. It’s funny that we spend so much time to make our homes a safer more sanitary place in which to live, but never give a thought to the fact that most everyday products we use are far more detrimental to us than a few germs and messes.

Did you know that almost all of the every day consumer products that we use, are filled with toxic chemicals far more dangerous than stated on the labels? And that due to labeling laws the manufacturer doesn’t even have to tell you half of what’s in there. And that only 20% of all the products that we so willing use have actually been tested for dangers. We are being duped by big manufacturing businesses with out real protection from the government.

I ask you this….If THEY aren’t going to look after you who will? Don’t you think that it is time to educate yourself and take personal responsibility for you and your precious family’s health. No one else will. They deserve a healthy future, don’t you?



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